Monday, May 22, 2017

Franklin Falls Trail Day Recap

A lean, mean and efficient crew of 5 braved the bugs for some trail maintenance at Franklin Falls this past Sunday.

No major projects on the docket just a laundry list of smaller cleanup and refinement. All trails have been lightly leaf-blown and debris cleared.  We also took care of some blow downs and widow makers here and there.

We did some de-rooting on a few turns on Mighty Chicken, should hopefully be running a bit smoother now.

We cleaned and refined the final little descent into a 90 deg turn when heading North on Lost Wall. Tucker immediately set the KOM later that day so it is definitely running faster and smoother again.

We also tried to establish a defined line through the lower rock garden on Salmon Brook.  The trail has begun to widen through that location as riders search far and wide for the ideal line.  The goal was not to sanitize but to offer a consistent technical line to try and discourage further widening.  Hopefully we succeeded.

The park is in great shape currently.  Get out there and ride!


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