Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Updated Page Hill Map

Hey All,

We updated the map for Page Hill with the new extension to Bug Out.  You may also notice that Magikal Mystery Tour has disappeared from the map.  Very mysterious right?!  We're planning a bigger re-route in the near future and it's not getting much attention from riders currently and is getting hard to follow all the way through.

So its on sabbatical for a bit but will return better than ever.

If you want to get involved with its resurrection just holler, more the merrier!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Page Hill Social Ride

It appears as if our new strategy of monthly group rides with a cookout is a winner!  Our first attempt didn't have ideal weather at Franklin Falls but this time around the forecast was in our favor and we got a massive turn out!

Many thanks to all those who came out to ride and hang out afterwards.  Next time we'll make sure we have a bit more food but luckily we managed to get everyone at least a little something.

We managed to get lots of wheels on the new Bug Out Ext. and with a bit more refinement work and some more wheels its going to be a great addition to the network.

Next month we'll be at Ahern on Thursday July 21st.  Bring your bathing suit, we'll be right on the lake!  More details as we get closer.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Page Hill Trail Day Recap

The forecast called for a very wet day and while we certainly didn't stay dry the whole time it actually really wasn't all that bad and ended up being a very productive day in the woods.  Many thanks to the 12 or so folks who braved the weather and came out to help build!

Glenn did a great job of getting a lot of the tools and material staged and ready so we were able to hit the ground running.  We actually probably got about an hour or so of work completed before the rain really started and maybe another hour or so more that it had a hard time breaking through the canopy.

The main order of the day was building 4 bridges to span streams and wet spots at various locations on the trail.  Happy to report that we were able to complete all the bridges needed and Bug Out Ext. is much closer to completion.

The trail is roughed in at this point and arguably rideable although a bit rough and tumble in spots.  But the bridges were the hard part and with those in place its just a bit more pruning and refinement work and it will be 100% ready to go.

Now we can all get back up to Hydra without needing to climb the Access Rd.  HOOORAAAAYYYY!