Friday, May 20, 2016

CNH Social #1

We ignored the forecast to great effect!

And thankfully there were some other true believers out there and it wasn't just me and Matt rolling around by ourselves! Success!

It rained before and after we rode but we ended up getting a great window of super fun greasy riding on a nice cool evening with no bugs.  I'll take that any day.  We met a rider new to the area, welcome aboard Heather! and even bumped into a trail runner who met back up with us in the parking lot looking to get info to join up with us on future events.  Not bad for an evenings work of bikes and beers.

Hopefully in the future we'll get slightly better weather but I think doing our rides this way is going to work out better for us in the long run.  Keep your eyes peeled for our June event, I'll announce that soon.  The 3rd Thursday is the one right before NEMBAfest and I will be unavailable to lead so I'll probably be picking a different date for that one.  I'll do that soon and get it posted.

Until then get out and ride!

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