Monday, December 14, 2015

NH State Parks Ahern Video

NH State Parks recently shot a mountain bike promotional video at Ahern State Park.  Luckily we had just leaf blown all of the trails and the video looks great!

We got a nice thank you in a tweet from NHStateParks for all of our maintenance work over the years.  Word on the street is the leaf blowing is holding up and the trails are still clear.  Get out and ride while you still can!  Be on the lookout for a bit of rerouting and additional trail work at Ahern next year as well.  Always room to improve!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chapter Ride/Meeting Sunday Dec 13

This Sunday Dec 13th we will be getting together for a low-key ride at Franklin Falls at 2:30pm followed by a meeting afterwards probably starting around 4pm or so at a local restaurant to-be-determined.

Standard year-end recap and planning for 2016 to be discussed.

Hope to see you there!