Sunday, June 28, 2015

Page Hill Fixer Upper Trail Day

Despite the rather moist weather today, we managed to assemble a small group out on Shock Therapy at Page Hill to correct a bad line and fix a wet area that was causing some difficulties for a number of riders.  Given the amount of rain that had fallen, it was a little hard to tell if we fixed the wet area, but we didn't make it worse and once things dry out a bit, we think it will be riding much better.

The bad line we worked on was a jump known as "Hankenstein". There have been several reports of riders getting hurt on the jump and we determined that the ramp of the jump was too steep and there was too much of a depression on the approach.  This was causing riders to go nose heavy as they hit the end of the jump resulting in some out of control landings.

So we ended up extending the ramp roughly 3 bike lengths back resulting in a much smoother transition and a more progressive jump.  None of us brought bikes to test out the newest version of "Hankenstein" because it was so damn crappy out, but we are pretty sure that it is going to work much better now.   We also widened the transition area after the jump to make landings safer.  Happy riding...

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