Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bust the Fat Bikes back out!

The snow has been deep this winter.  Maybe even too deep (but not if your a skier like me).  But certainly a bit too deep for fat bikes.  We tried to stay on top of things grooming and snowshoeing but eventually with it continuing to pile up it seemed like a futile effort.

But now that we are into the thaw/freeze portion of winter all that snow is going to set up very nicely.  Next weeks forecast calls for above freezing temps everyday with freezing overnight.  Perfect formula for amazing fat bike conditions.

Word on the street (trail?) this morning is that conditions are already very nice at Ahern.  I would imagine the same can be said for Franklin as well.  And they should only get better over the next week.  With DST looming and some additional daylight in the evenings be on the lookout for a few Thurs Fat rides in the near future!

Get out and ride!