Friday, January 30, 2015

Thurs Night Grooming!

First edition of Thursday Night Grooming was a success!  It's looking very likely this will become a somewhat regular thing.  Maybe not every week but certainly the first Thurs after some fresh snow.

We ended up getting 5 sets of shoes and Eric's drag groomer out on 4 miles of trails at Ahern last night.  Grant D, Barry G, Chris S, Eric L, and myself in attendance.  Covered just about everything except Alcatraz and Escape.

I would say some sections will probably ride really nice right now while others need a bit more compaction.  We are hoping that now that a nice well established track is set that more folks will see it and travel it and help things along.

There is a chance Eric will also head out tonight to take care of the few inches we might get today. A little help from nature and Ahern will be in perfect riding shape before too long.

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