Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Page Hill Trail Day and Test Ride - August 3rd!

CNH-NEMBA has been working on a new flow trail at Page Hill. We started hand-building in the fall of 2013, but soon realized that that job would be too tough for hand work alone. This year we rented a Kubota KX-018 mini-excavator for 4 weeks (July 7th through August 3rd)

The project is nearing completion, but we are looking for your help to put the finishing touches on and to help us ride it in. Please join us This Sunday. We will be out there from 8 AM to 4 PM, but feel free to come by any time, even just for a test ride. We have tools out at the work site so just bring your bike, work gloves and water. Since we are focused on completing the project this will be a no-frills trail day. Don't expect the usual staffed registration table with coffee and donuts. We will already be out in the woods digging!

The map below shows the new flow trail. The solid blue line is for the completed section and dotted line for the section remaining to be built. The quickest (but not the most fun) way to get out to the new trail is shown with red arrows. This will bring you to the middle of the completed section of trail. From there you can ride or push up to the top.


  1. Great work on the Paige Hill trails! I won't be able to make the trail day but would be interested in joining any group rides during the week next week at either Paige Hill or Spaulding Woods (never been there). And if there was any work left over to be done during the week I'd gladly help out.

  2. There is always lots more work to be done! Get in touch if you are interested in helping with trail work. A lot of it happens outside of the official trail days. Email me at Jesse at mcgowans dot info.

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