Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Franklin Falls Trail Day Recap

Trail Day was a huge success!  Seventeen volunteers showed up and we completed just about everything on the agenda, plus some extra bonuses.

With the exception of installation of a bridge, a new trail was completed that gives a bypass option for the steep hill between Rusty Bucket and Cellar Hole Trails.  The crew knocked out the trail bench in short order.  Our prefabricated bridge was stranded when the Beltline Road flooded late Saturday night, as the surge from Friday nights heavy rains raised the reservoir level over 3 feet.  When the water recedes we will be able to retrieve it and drag it to its final destination.  Thanks everyone for a great effort!  Glenn Cilley and Chris Schoeder provided great leadership for the team along with a healthy dose of sweat equity.  Eric Lovering was a bench cutting machine.  Veterans: Grant Drew, Mike Henderson, Scott Pelletier, and Barry Hersh also contributed needed muscle and knowhow.  The turnout of new faces really made it happen fast. At least six new folks lightened the load.  I was bouncing between crews and unfortunately, I didn't lock all the new names in my brain. Hope I have more opportunities in the future to get to know everyone better.

After completing the new trail, Eric and Glenn turned their attention to giving Salmon Brook some much needed attention.   Erosion damage on the switchbacks and connecting benches was repaired.  The pictures look great, looking forward to getting some wheels on it.

While the main crew worked on the new bypass trail, Jesse McGowen and Chris Rodger moved a few tons of dirt to reconstruct the finish line jump at the end of Mighty Chicken. The switchbacks were also de-rooted and smoothed.

Yet other volunteers armed with leafblowers, cleared existing trails of winter debris.  Among them were Matt Bowser and Matt Clark.

- Mike

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