Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spaulding Closure

Hey All.

We are very close to being clear of mud season but a few spots persist and no matter how bad we've got the itch its important to respect our land manager's wishes and stay off trails until they are ready.

Spaulding Woods has officially closed the 'upper' trails per the announcement at their website:

Trails closest to the parking lot are riding fine but please give the stuff up top a bit longer to dry out.  They will be updating their website as conditions change so keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

MUD Season

You know the drill everyone.  The snow is melting, we are all itching to get on dirt but we have to use our heads this time of year.  We had a more substantial snow pack than we've had in the last few years so its probably going to take a bit longer for the trails to harden up this season.

Ramblin' Vewe Farm is officially closed to riding and has signage on site that we all need to respect.  Even if things are getting closer to being ready, if the signs are up do the right thing and save it for another day.

While other riding spots may not be 'officially' closed many of them might as well be for now.  Please use your best judgment.  Here is a recent report from damnation at MTBR from Friday the 11th:

"First Hand Report on Franklin and Spaulding-today at noon-- Lots of snow and ice at Franklin, that's about 50-85% snow and ice coverage-ice up to 4" deep on Snowmo trails/roads and singletrack, compaction here. I walked Coleman Road and came down Sniper, my adopted trail. What is not snow or ice, is mud--- the fabled drainage at Franklin is still frozen below the surface from the 5 degree below normal Winter. Some of the snow is still 8-16" + deep. Sniper was a ribbon of ice from Winter compaction.So when the snow and ice go, another week at least, we will still have mud. And Lots of branches and debris from a stormy Winter. Two weeks looks better unless it is 70, blue skies, above freezing at night. It could be May 1...ditto Spaulding--I drove down to the parking lot, and saw the same amount of snow as Franklin--have pics of today if I figure out how to post them."

So be smart.  Stick to the road or class VI or take this opportunity to visit some friends down south.  Many ride spots are already riding well down in MA and southern NH.  We'll update here as things get better in our area.