Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yet Another New Map for Spaulding Woods

Post trail day map of Spaulding Woods with Swamp Donkey added.  I was bummed to miss out on the work but it sounds like the day was a success.  Quick recap from the Youth Center:

"We had 18 people show up and totally roughed in Swamp Donkey, hauled lumber to build a bridge, added a couple berms, and built up a natural double. Smallish Varmint also got revamped with 5 micro berms and some rock armoring. Most of the other trails were leaf blown as well."

Also should probably mention here that riders will encounter some signage up towards the top of the hill asking riders to go no farther.  The Youth Center has reserved some of the shorter trails up towards the top of the hill for exclusive school use.  Do the right thing and respect their wishes and head back down the hill on the fun stuff.

All this place needs now is wheels and more wheels!  Get out there and check it out!

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