Monday, October 7, 2013

Sign Posts Stolen at Ahern State Park

Last Thursday night Grant and a few others dug post holes at Ahern for trail signs. 

When they went to retrieve the posts (4x4 x8' PT) they were gone....stolen!  Somebody stole them where they were stashed in the woods between Monday and Thurs night. They even took one that was set in a hole already!

Its difficult to imagine anyone who would steal building materials and haul 15 heavy wet posts 1/4 mile to the parking lot by hand, would be the type of person that would be walking the state park trails.  Seems like it could have been kids but Grant searched the area to see if they were simply dragged to a different location and came up empty handed.
The posts belonged to the state, and they actually unloaded them at the location. 

Pretty disappointing..... Keep your eyes open if you go there to ride. Its still possible they are in the woods.

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