Monday, September 23, 2013

Late Season CNH Happenings

Hey All,

Its been a bit of a quiet year for CNH NEMBA but that doesn't mean we haven't gotten a bunch of stuff done this year and Fall is one of the best times of year for trail work and riding.  We're planning on trying to squeeze in a few more trail days before the snow starts flying...Stay tuned!

We just wrapped up a very successful trial day at Page Hill and I would personally say that the current established loop is in very respectable riding condition.  The Dude Abides is IMO 95% rideable with one last little chunk of rock work needed on a short stretch.  All the work completed recently on Spring has it riding great and the slight modifications to MMT have it riding a lot smoother with much less debris as well.

If you were waiting to make the drive until things were more established I think its time you head over to check it out.  Just over 7 miles, with ample vert and tech.  I think it feels more like 10-12mi by the time you are done.  And there are options to add more miles with existing doubletrack.  We rode it all on our Thurs ride last week and good times were had.

There has also been some buzz lately about Spaulding Woods in Tilton/Northfield, NH.  The Spaulding Youth Center has some acreage with existing doubletrack and they have been working to build more singletrack.  We are hoping to assist them with this endeavor in the years to come (look for a possible trail day here this Fall).  This is a rough trail map of the existing network:

Parking is located by the boat launch on Shaker Rd.  Another great spot with lots of potential, and you can't go wrong with some of those trail names either.

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