Monday, September 16, 2013

9/15 Trail Day Recap - Page Hill

Sunday was a perfect day for working in the woods, nothing quite like trail work in the early Fall.  Jesse and crew had plans to refine Spring Trail and I couldn't let MMT exist in its current state any longer so I decided to finally do some line refinement and cleanup there.

I'm happy to report we were highly successful on both fronts.

I arrived early so I could quickly ride MMT and remind myself of the various points where I was errant with my line choices.  I think I made maybe 3-4 corrections.  Mostly small, a few to straighten out the line and eliminate overly ambitious tight switchbacks and another longer reroute to contour a bit and eliminate a needlessly punchy climb out of one of the smaller ravines.  Also took some measurements of the big wet spot before you start the climb, pondering options for what we'll do there...

last switchback on the first big ravine wall is now the 'birch chute'. Gonna be fast but the speed should help with the other side of the ravine.

Corduroy'd a wet spot / speed stealing divot

Tried to remove all the line ruining saplings and remove all the debris

Last wet spot that needs attention, hopefully before the end of this year.

Jesse and crew got a huge amount of work done on Spring Trail.  All kinds of benching, berming, bridge work, etc.  I'm sure it will be riding much nicer now and I can't wait to get out there and give it a shred.

Adam and Alan working on a bench cut

 Short kink bridge

 Double bridge section

 Hugh making sure berms are tamped and ready

 The Jensens were on hand helping out

Mike demonstrating proper overhead technique

The Fall riding season is here.  Be sure to check out this latest batch of work and let us know what you think.

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