Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Its Time to Get Going!

Hey Everybody!

Long time no see, we've been a bit radio silent lately but it wasn't because we were being lazy, quite the opposite.  Lots going on lately so here is an update as the season gets rolling.

- First and foremost we have our first Trail Day coming up Sunday May 5th 9AM at Ramblin Vewe Farm in Gilford, NH.  This is one of our up and coming locations that has lots of great riding already and we will be looking to add even more.

Check the Trail Day Flyer for more info.

- Our Chapter has officially entered agreement with the City of Franklin to start trail work on the Great Gains Forest (the land surrounding the Veteran's Memorial Ski Area in Franklin).  The MOU was signed recently and we have already done some initial scouting.  This is part of a bigger initiative in the Franklin Area that has been evolving over the last several months.  Things are still developing but there are many groups hard at work to make the Franklin area a recreational hub.  Lots of exciting ideas getting discussed...its a great time to get involved!

- Through some various grants our chapter is able to send members to the trail school at Highland Mountain on 'full scholarship'.  If anyone is interested in getting some professional trail building skills free of charge contact a chapter officer and we'll go from there.

- Thursday rides will hopefully start soon.  My schedule has changed a bit this year and I am not available to lead on Thursdays until mid May.  I'm hoping some other ride leaders will step up until then.  Anyone interested?  All you need to do is know the trails and be willing to show people around.  Easy-peasy.

Hopefully we'll see lots of folks Sunday May 5th at Ramblin Vewe and out on the trails soon!