Thursday, February 7, 2013

CNH Happenings

Hey All!

Last month our chapter officers had our bigger annual meeting to recap our past year and lay the ground work for what is looking like a VERY exciting 2013!  Linked below are the full meeting minutes of everything discussed for those interested:

Jan 2013 Meeting Minutes

If reading meeting minutes isn't really your thing, here is the cliff notes version:

- The Spaulding Youth Center in Northfield, NH is interested in developing a trail system on about 500 acres or so.  The land is across the Winnipesauke River from the exit 20 Tilton business district.  Access to the system would be next to the Kayak launch on Shaker Rd.  This is a great location and we are very excited to assist them in this endeavor.  Stay tuned for more news this year as this develops.

- Most officer positions stayed the same only changes are Kevin Orlowski taking over as our representative to the Board and Grant stepping in as an interim VP of Trails at Ahern State Park.

- We'll have a presence at the Concord Bike Swap again this year.  That takes place in May.

- We poured over a new By-Laws document that we are still working on which will eventually be posted here for members to view.

- We also started to pencil in some dates for 2013 Trail Days.  You will find those on our calendar but keep in mind those are still just tentative dates and as we get closer we will solidify those and announce them here and via email blast.

Thats probably all the key points minus some very exciting developments in the Franklin area but that is exciting enough to warrant its own post.  Check back soon!