Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another one down!

Jesse and I met up at Page Hill this morning to try and punch through on Magikal Mystery Tour before the snow flies.

I'm happy to report that we were successful and the trail is now completely roughed in.  You could technically ride it now but it needs another pass with loppers to clear out some more face whippers and a wee bit of finish work here and there.  But we'll probably save that for next season.  We reworked a bit of the back half and added a bit of mileage from the original flagging and the climb should be a bit more manageable on that side now.

I walked back on the trail in the opposite direction from when I flagged and built the first half of the trail and as much as I would have liked for this trail to be 100% two way, I think it will really only make sense to ride it in the direction I flagged and built it.  There are maybe 1-2 spots that I think are guaranteed hike-a-bike.  They are very short and will be a hoot to ride down but I'm not sure they will be workable in the current layout.  But I'm ok with that for now and I'd like to wait at least a little bit to see if anyone can prove me wrong...

You access MMT by taking a left off of Bear Claw at the first major switchback (just before the new entrance to Hydra) and then another quick left will get you on the trail in the preferred direction and you will eventually loop all the way around back to that switchback.

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