Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trail Day at Page Hill! Sunday 11/4

We've got a head of steam, help us keep that momentum going!  

Jesse and crew recently punched through on Hydra so we can shift focus to another new trail that Kevin recently flagged, 'Magikal Mystery Tour'.  MMT starts very close to where Hydra starts, at the first main switchback on Bear Claw.  MMT is about a .5mi loop that takes in the southeast corner of the property and returns to where it started.  With a large enough crew we could probably rough the entire trail in so please come out and help!

Registration will be from 8-9am in the grass lot on Murray Hill Rd. in Hill, NH. Paste these coordinates into Google Maps for directions: 43.533398,-71.768072 or search for 'Page Hill Trails'

Parking will be on the driveway, in the grass lot and along the road (same side as parking lot only).
A map to the work area will be left at the registration area after 9am in case you are running late and you need to find us. Tools and water will be supplied. Bring snacks, work gloves and you might also want to bring your bike to ride after. We hope to see you there! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hydra is through!

Thanks to help from Adam, Bruce, Chris R., Chris S., Mike, and Morgan we got Hyrda punched all the way through to the access road! We'll be out there in the coming weeks to refine a few sections, scrape off a little more duff and put in a few bridges, but feel free to put some tires on it now.

We'll be holding our last official trail day of the year at Page Hill on Sunday November, 4th.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


The trail we worked on today has the working title of Hydra thanks to this massive tree we found in the middle.  We undertook this Herculean feet with the help of many hands and the introduction of the rototiller.

 Jesse uses the tiller to rough in some bench cutting sections.

Chris sports his "don't-shoot-me" orange shirt.

Here's an example of some finished bench-cutting.
There's a fairy house in this rock wall.
 The tiller made short work of these sections.


 Rake and ride section with some of Mike's Franklin-Falls-Flow™

The trail isn't quite through yet, but we're hoping to complete it in the next couple weeks. We'll keep you posted on upcoming trail days!