Friday, September 14, 2012

Ramblin Vewe!

We got a great tour of some of the new stuff going in at Ramblin Vewe Farm in Gilford last night.  Great terrain, lots of potential and already riding in nicely.  We were able to get all of it in without needing lights (barely) but our Thurs rides will probably be transitioning into 'lights required' in the very near future.

I believe a new Trail Map for the Farm is in the works once everything gets squared away.  As soon as all of that gets figured out we'll get the map up here.

Also of special note, I cleaned the Hill of Doom on my SS.  It hurt terribly and I saw stars at the top but it is possible.

Don't forget we've got our Trail Day at Page Hill this Sunday.  We're so close to having a nice big, awesome loop to ride there.  Come help us finish it off!

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