Sunday, September 16, 2012

Page Hill Trail Day Recap 9/16

  A smaller but efficient crew of 7 got to work today on Trail #9 (AKA Hydra) that will connect Bear Claw down to the Access Rd. and offer a nicer way to work your way back to the parking lot after having completed Spring Trail.  Once its done Page Hill will have a complete perimeter(ish) loop of around 7-8mi.

fuel for the troops

We didn't quite complete the trail today but we did get the brunt of the heavy lifting done.  A fewer longer sections of bench cutting and a stream crossing or two got roughed in.  Much of the rest of the trail will be rake and ride.

One more trail day for Page Hill is planned for this year.  We are hoping to be able to finish Hydra off and complete our loop as well as begin looking into work on Trail #12 (AKA Magikal Mystery Tour).  Always work to be done!

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