Thursday, June 28, 2012

Woman's Ride

The Wednesday Woman's ride has been very successful. We're seeing new faces almost every week and are having a lot of fun riding with such supportive great ladies! Since the Friday ride is always at FFD we've settled into exploring the Laconia and Gilford trails. Our last ride included trying the new single track at Ramblin Vewe Farms, which I personally think is fantastic! The Chain Line Cycles Trail Crew are already busy building another trail there which is improving this great place to ride.

Next Wednesday is 4th of July so we're opening the ride up to men for that ride since its a family day. We'll be riding 4:30 to 7:30 or so, starting on Growth Road in Gilford.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updated Page Hill Trail Map

The Page Hill trail map has been updated to show the lower section of Spring, which was added on June 3rd. Spring trail will eventually extend all the way to the junction of The Dude Abides and Page Bypass. For now, it completes some nice loop options using the Dickinson and Clough doubletracks. For an adventure, loop through the Dude Abides. For a more tame ride, take the Page Bypass. Both loops work pretty well in either direction.

The middle of the Dude Abides still has a few hike-a-bike sections near the top, but there is some really fun stuff on either end that makes it worth slogging through the middle. Also, check back often as we transform those hike-a-bike sections into fun rock work! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday Ride at Page Hill

Great ride last night at Page Hill!

Group of 9 with some new faces (Matt and Luke) got some wheels on the new stuff just put in a few weeks ago.  Perfect riding conditions as well.  Unfortunately I gashed my front tire on some of the craggy ridge riding up on the Dude Abides.  Sealant was having a hard time doing its thing so I turned it around and starting making my way back to the cars.  Bummed to completely miss out on Spring Trail but at least everyone else got their wheels on it.

I was able to get the tire to seal just before the powerlines, hit it with some air and was able to ride out.  It held long enough for me to quickly lap Bear Claw and steal Hugh's Strava KOM.  (Sorry Hugh, had to be done).

Next week is Concord Hospital, come on out and shred while the daylight is long!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Page Hill Trail Day June 3

Spring Trail

Chris and Matt working hard!


Page Hill rock armor

Mike and Matt busting through the rock wall