Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some of our Best Work is Impromptu

Nothing beats a big crew on an organized trail day but sometimes those impromptu days with a lean and mean crew can feel like you accomplish just as much.

Jesse sent out a feeler email looking for some company this weekend on some continued work on 'The Dude Abides'.  My weekend had some wiggle room and Chris and Morgan were also able to show up.  We rode out to The Dude via Bearclaw and Hardhat and cut up and over via Page Bypass (clearing some blowdowns as we went, still a few bigger ones that need additional chainsaw attention though) to the far end of The Dude.

Jesse has done some great rock and bridge work on that end of the trail and with a 4 man crew we decided to continue doing some rock work in a few spots on that side of the trail.  I missed the last trail day when a lot of the other work on this section of the trail was completed and I was impressed.  It's going to be a lot of work but we are going to be able to hang out hats on this one when its completed.  I can't wait to ride it (or try to ride it) from point A to point Z.  And let me be the first to say this trail is going to WORK you.

First section of rock work. Filling in a flow sucking divot between boulders.

Rolling a large boulder ramp on logs down slope into place.

Almost there.


Still lots of little finish work to be done on a few outcropping sections to smooth lines out.  Lucky for us there is a lot of great rock to work with in the area and once were done these sections are going to not only ride great but they are going to look great too. SHOW FACE! (sorry, had to be there)

We've got some organized trail days coming up so check our calendar and come on out!  And if you ever want to get involved with some of these impromptu days at Page Hill or your 'local spot' drop us a line here and get in touch.  There is always work to be done!

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