Sunday, March 25, 2012

Impromptu Trail Work at FFD

A small group of us took some time Saturday morning to assess the conditions at Franklin Falls, do some light Spring cleanup as well as a bit of work on Salmon Brook.

We're happy to report that the trails are in great shape for late March with most everything riding quite well already.  There are a few mushy spots here and there but they are few and far between.  Use caution in those areas please.

Most everywhere else you will find freshly leaf blown trails ready to shred.  Be on the lookout for weekly rides to start soon as weather permits.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mud Season FYI

How about this weather?!  80's in March...weird.

Even though things have been gorgeous lately please continue to be wary of mud season and the current conditions of trails.  Things got warm fast and what little snowpack we had all melted quickly so there is still some mud out there and trails will still be trending on the soft side for a bit.

Some locations will be better than others so broad closures are probably not warranted, but your best judgement surely is.  Get in some base road miles or if you just can't wait to check a spot out there is no shame in walking some of the early soft spots, you'll thank yourself later this season.

Speaking of trail conditions our trail days have been penciled in for this season.  Come out and lend a hand this year!  (More details will be posted here and on our Events Calendar as these dates get closer)

April 22nd @ Ahern
May 6th @ Franklin Falls
June 3rd @ Page Hill
July 29th @ Franklin Falls
Sept 23rd @ Page Hill
Nov 4th @ Page Hill