Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ATV Use at Bear Brook State Park

Below you will find a link to proposed legislation from our State Senate regarding ATV use in state parks.  There was a real push for this about 6-7 years ago and the proposal was blocked because of a technical problem.  Wi think the legislature thinks the time is right to try again.  They really want to get ATVs into Bear Brook State Park, but this bill will make any park fair game.  We will find out when the Senate is having a hearing on the bill and who we need to write to about the bill.  There have been many "secret" bills in the Senate this year and they are really trying to get things passed by not letting the public know what's going on.  They tend to announce hearings on bills the day before they are scheduled.  They also tend to schedule them at a time that most people can't make it. 

Senate Bill 0250

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