Thursday, October 13, 2011


Given the weather forecast today, it looked like tonight's ride would be a washout, but when 5 o'clock rolled around the roads were dry so I headed up to see who else might show... Nobody!  Oh well, if it had been raining I wouldn't have even gotten out of my truck because I am a wimp this time of year and I'm nursing a back injury that just sucks, but since it was dry I figured I give a whirl anyway.  

There's something eerie about riding alone at night and when I had to turn the light on when I got to mighty chicken, it was like riding something new; never quite sure what was around the next corner because the darkness skews perception.  I usually spook myself when I am out alone in the woods after dark, but with the exception of one grouse that I stirred up, I remained strangely calm.  No 'Blair Witch' images or thoughts of Bigfoot chasing me down.  All in all a good ride and just for fun I mixed things up by finishing differently.  I usually ride out Pine Snake and onto Moose Gully, but tonight I turned off onto Caddywhumpus from Pine Snake and climbed up to the end where I picked up Sniper as a last trial.  A good change from the normal ride.

Every time I ride Sniper I like it more; it keeps getting faster and more swoopy as it beds down.  It rides nicely in both directions but I prefer it from the far side (farthest from parking lot off Middle Trail) right now.  

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