Friday, October 7, 2011

Page Hill Night Ride

There's nothing like being one of the first to experience a new section of technical trail, everything you encounter is like solving a puzzle because there aren't any cues that you see once a trail is bedded in. It's always exciting, sometimes scary, but always a good time. Couple that with a cold October night, a bunch of mud, and lots of leaf fall to obscure the trail and you in for a treat.

Four hearty souls showed up for last night's ride at Page Hill to ride out the trails including the partially complete The Dude Abides. Being a single speeder I was a bit reluctant to get out there knowing that there is quite a bit of climbing but I had an absolute blast. I rode way more than I thought I would and some of the technical rock gardens at the top are really fun.

Did I clean everything? Not even close, but it is all rideable and with time it will bed in and become a truly great technical trail. The two existing trails Bearclaw and Hardhat are riding really well in both directions and coming down Bearclaw was incredible.

This place is well worth checking out; right now it's fairly short but the mileage from last night was deceiving. We rode just short of five miles but it felt like 10 since there is a fair amount of climbing. Don't forget to bring your big set of lungs.



  1. Chris and I got out there today. We blew the trails clean and extended Apogee a little bit.

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