Monday, August 1, 2011

Trail Day

Special thanks to Chris, Grant, Jesse, Steve, Barry, Barry, and Matt for working trail day at Franklin Falls on July 31st! We continued work on the Sniper Trail, which had been started on May 15th. When completed, Sniper will be the longest trail at the dam, running from near the junction of Middle Trail and Caddywhompus to the junction of Moose Gully and Coleman Road.

Overall, the trail is about 80% done with both ends of the trail built. A section in the middle isn't completed, but is scarred in. Anybody with a few spare minutes and some ambition can work out there without getting lost or off track. Try stay true to the scar marks, as they were precisely located to deliver the world class flow for which Franklin Falls is known. I'm told that a deviation of even a few inches will be detrimental to trail zen and even possibly to overall yin/yang balance of the cosmos.

In other news, CNH-NEMBA's calendar is brimming with events. In addition to our standard Thursday night ride, we now have beginners' ride every Friday at Franklin falls, scattered Ladies' rides, and a Ride & Work night every other Tuesday at Page Hill.


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