Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday Ride @ Franklin Falls

Judging by last nights turnout, I'm guessing that this is a big vacation week or nobody can take the smell of my bike shoes anymore (I'm pretty sure a diseased chihuahua died in them). Maybe that's what they mean when they say 'the dog days of summer'.

The ride started up with just 2 of us (2 others caught up later on) and we folded the new trail Sniper into the mix. It will take a while to find the optimal trail order with Sniper online now, but we decided to do the following route: Start with Rogue and move on to Whaleback. At the end of Whaleback, there is an open area with a fireroad and small sand pit. Normally we cross the fireroad and go up a short hill that leads to Stump trail or Mighty Chicken. Instead, take a left and follow the fireroad for ~200 meters or so to pick up Sniper. If you end up back at the entrance to Moose Gully or Whaleback, you've gone to far.

Sniper is still Really soft in areas, but the flow seems good. I didn't notice any awkward spots that have to be reworked, but once it beds down and the trail gets faster things may change. It's a nice addition to the quiver at Franklin and my GPS showed that it was just over 1 mile long.

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