Friday, August 19, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Great ride at Franklin Falls last night.  Good group of about 7-8 riders, which means a good number of wheels packing down our new trail, Sniper.

We rode it in both directions (not sure which way I like better yet) and some sections are already ridden in nicely and the others will come right along as long as we keep doing what were doing.  For any who have yet to ride Sniper and are wondering where it is, we have updated our FFD trail map and it can be found on our Trail Maps page.

Last night was I think the first night that I really realized that all that glorious summer daylight is starting to fade a bit quicker.  We'll have to be more efficient for the next few weeks to get our mileage before the darkness creeps in and then it'll be time to bust out those lights!

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