Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thursday Ride @ Concord Hospital/Quarry

This recap is a bit late coming but I left for the Kingdom Trails Friday morning and just got back tonight.  I'm nice and tired having racked up about 50mi in the last 4 days with a little over 8,000ft of climbing.

And our Thursday ride was a great way to kick off my long weekend.  We had a great group of about 10 people with some new faces to boot.  We even lucked out and had some true locals lead the ride.  I had thought I had this area pretty well dialed but I would say almost half of this ride was new to me!  It was a treat to finally get back over to the quarry side of things as well.  I don't get over there often but the riding is great.  And so are the views!

Still need to iron out our next few Thursday ride locations, so stay tuned.  Hopefully we have many more rides like this left this season!

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