Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday Ride @Bow Trails

Ok, so I thought having lived in Central NH for 20 years I would know all the good rides in the area. Wrong! Sure, I know there is plenty of private stock stuff out there that people don't want to share, but we are talking public and totally legal here. Last night 9 heat stroke riddled riders got a tour of part of the Bow trail system thanks to the brothers Rhodes and I am blown away; it is fantastic. To top it all off, it is less than 15 minutes from downtown Concord.

The trails were a mix of really fast singletrack, some hills (it's Bow), and some really fun technical stuff. I'm already planning on coming back and exploring on my own to get to know the trails better. Also, from what I understand, there is a lot more to see.

Thanks again to the Paul and Peter Rhodes for giving us a great tour. Below is our GPS track and you can find trail maps online here

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