Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday Ride @ Page Hill

Of all the times to forget my GPS device!  We ride the one place we really need to start mapping things out and I leave it at home...c'est la vive.

Weather was not 'ideal' but it also wasn't horrible.  Wasn't raining so much as just dripping off the trees and our new trails were holding up quite well with the added moisture.  Hardly any trouble spots at all.  The 4 of us rode Bear Claw and Hard Hat to the power lines and then took some existing doubletrack back to the border of the property and then we explored a bit in both directions.

Its almost overwhelming to look off the side of the existing doubletrack seeing the multitude of options that we have for future expansion.  We looped back around and climbed back up to the entrance to Hard Hat to head back home.  And a doozy of a climb it was.  Felt great on the SS...sort of.

We've got some more plans for work in Page Hill this season to try and get the area a bit more 'loopable'.  Keep your eyes peeled here and on the Upcoming Events page.

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