Saturday, June 25, 2011

Page Hill Trail Map

I've been working with Quantum GIS, an open source mapping program, to produce a map for the Page Hill trail. Below is my first draft. It looks like QGIS will work quite nicely for our needs. I have also played some with Inkscape, an open source vector graphics editor (alternative to Adobe Illustrator). I didn't use Inkscape to produce this draft, but it will help to make the final final version look really professional.

This map should be serviceable for navigation with a few warnings: The GPS data for the two NEMBA trails (Bear Claw and Hard Hat) came from early scouting missions rather than the finished trails so it isn't quite a accurate as I'd like. Also, the doubletracks Page Bypass and Clough Trail and Ravine Trail are an adventurous mix of washouts, tall grass and fallen logs. Finally, the trails are almost completely unmarked. Even as the trail designer, I missed the right hand turn on to Hard Hat when I was climbing up the Access Road!

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