Sunday, June 5, 2011

Page Hill Trail Day Recap

What a glorious day to cut some singletrack!  We had a great group out at Page Hill today to get things rolling on what will hopefully be a great multi-use area in Central NH in the years to come.  The goal for the day was to get the first two singletrack trails on the property.

Jesse clearing leaves old school

 Barry goes new school

The first trail will provide access from the beginning of the driveway up the first little hill to the cabins to avoid having to climb directly up the driveway.  You'll thank us when you see it.  Still some refining to do but its ready to ride.  Most of the work was clearing with loppers and then raking and clearing brush.  A bit of rock work here and there but not much.  We spanned a wet area with use of rocks in one spot which might also get some lumber but we will wait to see how it holds up / rides.  We found a few trees with bear claw scratches in them while we were building this one so we are calling this trail 'Bear Claw'.

 armoring an off camber turn

progress, slowly but surely

Heading from the cabins the second trail takes you out to one of the main doubletrack arteries running through the center of the property.  A hardy group of 4-5 put the first half of this trail in and then in the afternoon we sent in reinforcements and there was probably a group of 20 or so working hard to finish things off so we all could get to the cookout (AKA the real reason for showing up).  We found a hardhat laying in the woods about 3/4 into building this trail so, you guessed it, this one's called 'Hardhat'.

creating a line over a rock wall

these guys were calling all the shots

CNH NEMBA en masse

All in all we think we may have around 2mi of singletrack built, give or take...we'll need to get some actual GPS data soon.  Thursday night group ride here in the coming weeks?  Tie those trails into some of the existing doubletrack and power lines and you could probably get in a 5+ mile ride (and maybe more) at this point without trying too hard.

The Prez working the grill

Not a bad place to hang out after a hard days work / ride

I don't know about everyone else but personally I am really excited about what Page Hill could become.  It's going to be a lot of work and we're going to need a lot of help, but there is a lot of room in there to have lots of fun.

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