Friday, June 3, 2011

Franklin Falls

Our Thursday night group rides are in full swing now and we are consistently getting great attendance. Despite the chilly weather, 8 riders showed last night and we hit just about everything Franklin Falls has to offer including Sniper, our newest (and still unfinished trail).

As a side note, I have been conducting a very scientific bicycle species study that enumerates the types of bikes that are showing up for Central New Hampshire mountain bike rides. I am here to report that there are 2 unmistakable trends emerging from this groundbreaking study. The first is that 29ers are becoming the norm and have been in the majority on more than half our rides. The second trend is that singlespeeders are showing up in record numbers. In fact, of the 8 riders that showed up last night, 4 were on singlespeeds. If you do the math, that comes to almost 97.4%. Only time will tell whether all this in depth analysis means something, but I'd like to think that a lot of the riding in Central New Hampshire is well suited to 29inch singlespeeds. Or maybe we have just a bunch of dummies who succumbed to the marketing machine.

Don't forget to stop by Page Hill trail day this Sunday (See below upcoming events for directions). We will be working on the first 2 trails on the property. There will be water, tools, snacks, and all the blisters your hands can stomach.

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