Friday, May 6, 2011

Group Rides Have Arrived

We kicked off the season last night with our first Thurs night ride!  Ended up being a SS only affair, apparently we don't mess around in Central NH.

Felt awesome to finally be on some local dirt.  Trails are in great shape already, appears as if some hardy souls have already been out and about raking/blowing off trails.  You know who you are and we thank you.  We'll be out in force to do the full blown proper Spring cleanup on May 15th as well as possibly building a new trail? TBD...

We'll be posting the next few weeks rides up to the Event Calendar soon.  Probably the usual suspects to start; Ahern, Concord, Plymouth, etc.

Come on out and get those early season painful miles in so you'll be at top speed to out run the bugs once they come out.  Just think, those of you who missed yesterday's ride missed an opportunity to see me do a double high five / chest bump with a speed!  My handlebar location awareness is a bit rusty.

PS - We will be starting up broadcast emails a few days before the ride starting next week to remind everyone that it is on - matt


  1. From my perspective, it appeared that you dove off the front of your bike and tried to mate with the boulder. That was something special, plus you found the only boulder in a 1/2 mile radius.

  2. Most of nature's creatures mate in the Spring. Me and that boulder are no exception.

  3. All mating aside, great ride. Thanks for helping in my continued indoctrination of the sacred SS ways. Salmon Brook will soon be mine!