Friday, April 15, 2011

State of the Chapter (and Trails)

Franklin Falls could use a few more warm days to get rid of the last of the snow.  There are still some drifts in the woods in the low and shady spots but its melting fast.  And thanks to FFD's unique soil composition even the spots with melting snow are basically dry and firm.  So once that snow is gone they should be good to go!

There are a few small blown downs and lots of little dead fall scattered around per usual for this time of year so if you're out riding early this season be sure to stop here and there and begin the process of clearing some of that stuff out if you can.  We'll have our official trail day at the Dam on May 15 to get things completely squared away for the season.

There is also some chatter about trails in the Concord area quickly coming into their own as well.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for our weekly rides to get going soon...

In other chapter news we are working on coming up with better signage for our managed trail systems.  We are working out size, materials, etc. as well as designs that meet the specs of our various land owner partners.  We invested in some leaf blowers to make those trail days that much more efficient and we are also brainstorming on some cool events we might try to pull off later in the season.

As always we are dreaming and planning big for a great year on the trails!

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