Friday, April 22, 2011

Group Rides Coming

Well, the long range forecast doesn't look great for next Thursday so we decided to postpone the official start of the group ride season until Thursday May 5 at 5:30 (leave parking lot by 5:45) at Franklin Falls.  Thursday nights' will be our official ride night again this summer and we will be riding from here on out every week until October rain or shine.

We're also hoping that the weather will actually get nice soon, it's been way too cold for this time of year.  I'm really sick of wearing winter gear and booties on 90% of my rides and am looking forward to another long season of wearing nothing but bike shoes and bug spray (I know it's a horrific thought).  So if you see a big oaf riding around wearing nothing but bike shoes and stinking of deet, it's probably me and you might want to steer clear.  I'm going to claim Seasonal Affective Disorder on the police report.  I hope bail will be set low.

Last year's spring riding ended poorly.

On a brighter note, I rode parts of the quarries and Concord Hospital trails yesterday and I'm happy to report that they are pretty dry.  There's still alot of debris on the trails but just about everything is rideable.  Be nice to the trails if you do run into any wets spots.

See you next Thursday for the season opener (I promise to be fully clothed).  We will get ride locations for May on the calender as soon as we get a feel for how wet some of the locations are.  

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