Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can you hear that??

It's your bike calling to you.  My mind has been firmly planted on down mountain skiing for months, its been one of those special seasons so far.  Lots of great snow shredding to be had.  But we've gotten some thaw/freeze cycles going and you all know what that means....

Matt and I got out to check out the conditions at Franklin Falls and are happy to report that the snow machine trails are in great shape for riding.  Unfortunately none of the single track has been getting enough traffic, but we were able to get a decent 4+ mile ride in doing some out and backs.

I was very jealous of Matt's bar mitts.  My hands got pretty cold but other than that it was a really enjoyable ride.  Great to get back out there even if it did put a spotlight on my lack of cycling fitness...

Word on the street is there is another big thaw coming next week with the inevitable freeze after conditions should be prime for winter biking.  Maybe we should get a bigger ride organized if every thing works out?  Stay tuned!

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