Sunday, December 26, 2010

Page Hill Update

As long as the snow is holding off we continue to scope things out at Page Hill to give us a head start for next season.  Myself, Jesse and Adam ventured out to Page Hill proper to see what we have to work with in that area.

We are looking for ways to link existing doubletrack in to new singletrack to maximize our mileage early as efficiently as possible.  We found a gorgeous open area marked in the image as waypoint 004 that we are calling the 'Amphitheater'.  It's a very interesting bowl type depression that seems like it would lend itself nicely to being a junction of sorts, where several trails could intersect and branch out.

We also found some great terrain just south of the junction that would lend itself nicely to building lots of quick and easy singletrack on a long gentle slope.  As well as a nice little pitch that would be great for making some turns of a more winter persuasion.

Long story short, it was a successful walk in the woods.  Looks like snow is coming in tonight but we will continue to do all we can to get things ready while we can.  Possibly look for a report soon on some ski touring in the area, lots of multi-use potential at Page Hill.

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