Sunday, December 26, 2010

Page Hill Update

As long as the snow is holding off we continue to scope things out at Page Hill to give us a head start for next season.  Myself, Jesse and Adam ventured out to Page Hill proper to see what we have to work with in that area.

We are looking for ways to link existing doubletrack in to new singletrack to maximize our mileage early as efficiently as possible.  We found a gorgeous open area marked in the image as waypoint 004 that we are calling the 'Amphitheater'.  It's a very interesting bowl type depression that seems like it would lend itself nicely to being a junction of sorts, where several trails could intersect and branch out.

We also found some great terrain just south of the junction that would lend itself nicely to building lots of quick and easy singletrack on a long gentle slope.  As well as a nice little pitch that would be great for making some turns of a more winter persuasion.

Long story short, it was a successful walk in the woods.  Looks like snow is coming in tonight but we will continue to do all we can to get things ready while we can.  Possibly look for a report soon on some ski touring in the area, lots of multi-use potential at Page Hill.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's Everyone Up To???

I've been wrenching in the shed.

The monster cross is dead and this new winter SS is just about ready to go.  Just needs brakes cabled and about 1-2 inches of snow on the trails.  I also still have my homemade stud's that I can throw on this ride.  Anyone else think we should get a monthly ride going on a frozen Hop-Ev?  Three rides, Jan/Feb/Mar, conditions permitting of course.  Any takers?

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We're Still Working!


Due to what appears to be a questionable Sunday weather wise our impromptu trail day at Hopkinton-Everett will be this coming SATURDAY at 12PM.  Meet at the Elm Brook entrance at the parking lot outside the toll booth.

Also anyone planning on coming out who hasn't volunteered at the Hop-Ev site in the past will need to copy/paste the volunteer form located on our site, fill it out and bring it with you before you can start work.  Otherwise the lawyers will take you and us away... 

Copy/Paste these coordinates into Google Maps for location: 43.190148,-71.726264

Bring rakes, brush nippers, leaf blowers and shovels.  New trails have been roughed in this week by Tom Heck with his brush mower.  They just need raking and brush nipping.  We may be installing one section of new trail to connect the parking lot to the trails east of the park.

Sharon Nall will be leading the crew.

We are also looking for someone to donate some rope to tie down a bridge or two.

BYOT - (Bring your own thermos)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buttoning Up for the Season

CNH NEMBA met for our 'end of season' meeting yesterday.  We penciled some dates in for trail days next year, take a gander at the calendar to see when we'll be where.  We also approved a purchase of some handheld leaf blowers for our use next year getting trails ready in the Spring and maintaining them in the Fall.  The number of trails we maintain is growing fast and we need to use our time as efficiently as possible so we decided to upgrade our tech a bit.

The membership for our Central chapter had a great year this year.  Our numbers are as strong as ever but we would love to see more of you at meetings, rides, trail days, etc!  We will be continuing with our weekly rides next season and hopefully offering some beginner rides as well as a few ladies rides.

Next season will be an exciting time to get involved with Page Hill coming in to its own.  There will be lots of work to be done and new singletrack to be ridden.

But just because our meeting was 'end of season' doesn't mean there isn't still some riding to be done.  Get those last few chilly rides in while you can before the white stuff starts flying!