Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mighty Chicken under the Lights!

Ever wonder what a Mighty Chicken looks like under the cover of darkness?  Wonder no longer!  Here are some great prolonged exposure shots taken by Andrew Jenness on a recent ride at FFD.

Be sure to get out and ride the Chicken again soon, some of the crew was hard at work last weekend adding a new extension to the bottom.  I can't personally speak to how awesome it is yet, but from the chatter I hear it is a fine piece of work (as always).

Get out and ride!


  1. We had a blast riding last night!

    The mighty chicken extension is still somewhat of a work in progress, so take it slowly your first time through. We expect to get it dialed in this week.

  2. Greetings Friends, Glad to see that the weekly posts have resumed. We are three seasoned riders (meaning we are in mid 50's and mid 60's) who, having discovered FFD in early April, have become addicted-- about 60+ combined days there this season. We travel from 40 miles away to ride each weekend. A day is usually 3-4 hours of riding plus picnic and party time. This place is huge fun for those of us who can't afford to crash in the rooty & rocky of most other places in NH.Thanks to all who have made this possible and continue to do great work there. We will try to join for one of the work days you may schedule.Excuse any usurping of a great name but we call ourselves "DAMNATION".

  3. Glad to hear your enjoying the trails at FFD. I'll be on the lookout for Damnation the next weekend ride I'm up there.

  4. The extension on Mighty Chicken is killer! Rip through it with enough speed and you can get some serious air!! The trails out there are in great shape. I hadn't seen Salmon Brook until just a few weeks back. Great trail!!