Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday Ride @ FFD (with teaser)

Great turnout last night.  I think there were 15 riders?  We broke into two groups and got to riding bikes.  Things were going great for about a mile or two and then everyone realized that it was REALLY HOT.  Head throbbing hot.  We tried some new strategies for modulating the ride pace to pretty good effect and we even got a chance to check out some of Grant and crew's work from a few weekends ago.

For those familiar with the layout of FFD you might notice a little offshoot towards the North end of the area on our GPS track.  I wouldn't rush to go check it out quite yet, currently it goes a whole lot of nowhere and still needs some work but you can sleep easy knowing that CNH NEMBA is working hard to try and expand the riding in Central NH.

If we can fully execute this particular plan we have, Franklin Falls could be quite the major destination...but we have a lot of work ahead of us. *Cough*join nemba and help out*Cough*

While I'm on the subject of NEMBA working hard and teasing about future greatness, CNH NEMBA has been approached by another local conservation group interested in working with us to create even more trails on a nice little chunk of land.  We are still in the initial stages of getting the ball rolling, but next season could be VERY interesting. *Cough*join nemba and get in on the ground floor of a new trail system in central nh!*Cough*


  1. What conservation group is wanting to work with NEMBA? It's great to see them reach out towards the mountain biking community

  2. Lakes Region Conservation Trust

    They do great work and we are excited about our opportunity to possibly work with them.

    Like I said though, still in the infant stages. We'll update here if/when we have something more concrete.

  3. If that northbound spur is heading up to where I think it is - Coolidge Woods n Bristol - I'm beyond psyched and will help out with any trail work efforts.

  4. Good to hear cause we are going to need it. We have set our hopes high and reaching our ultimate goal will take copious amounts of elbow grease