Friday, August 6, 2010

Group of 1 is my new thing

Well not sure if it was the midday T-storms or people being burnt out on Franklin Falls or maybe I just have a massive case of BO but my group ride was a solo affair yet again this week.

Rain cleared out in time and FFD drains like no other so the trails were actually in pretty good shape.  I guess being solo was just as well because I was actually testing out a new configuration on my 'monster cross' bike I am refining to ride at the NH100.  I have been experimenting for a bit this season and my latest iteration has it built up as a 96er or 69er (Whats the industry standard here? Carver went with 96, Trek with 69...)

The fork I had on there had some extra clearance and I thought a 29er wheel might fit in there...low and behold it does and surprisingly it affects the ride quality very little and softens out the ride nicely.  I still need to get a bit more acquainted with it but I will more than likely be riding this at the NH100 as a 96/69er or as I like to call it the Franken Mullet

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