Friday, July 16, 2010

I did this group ride Han Style.


No one felt like exploring a new locale with me and thats fine.  It added to the mystique and now I am the sole purveyor of these trails within cnh nemba.  Not sure what that really means but I'm gonna go with it.

I have ridden my ice bike here in years past but had never ridden these trails 'in season'.  Quite a bit more rocky and technical than I had anticipated.  But fully rideable.  Not a huge network of trails but if you combine both of these local areas and do everything on offer you could probably get about 8-9mi or so.

These are both areas maintained by the Squam Lakes Association, Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest and Belknap Woods.  Maps can be found here.

I didn't quite ride everything, ran out of water and it was a bit too hot and humid to get lost without water.  It's ok though, I'll be back.

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