Friday, July 9, 2010

Heat Wave, Schmeat Wave

Heat be damned we're gonna ride!

Luckily the heat wasn't quite as bad last night as it has been the past few days.  And we had a good sized group to keep things moving.  We even had a visitor up vacationing from the SE Mass Chapter looking to check out our local stash.  And let me tell you Steve knows how to cap off a ride!  That 6 of Long Trail really hit the spot, come on up any time Steve!

Lets see highlights:

My chain finally gave up the ghost after the torque fest from last weekend, unfortunately for me it gave up right when I was trying to power up a small rise.  It broke, I went shooting forward and knee'd my stem with vigor.  Luckily I carry a chain tool now and just happened to have a few links in my camelbak so we were back on trail without much issue.  Except for a throbbing knee.

We did Mighty Chicken twice, visitors always seem to want to hit that one as many times as possible for some reason....

and I was finally able to clean SBT from the top all the way around to Heritage with no dabbing.  First time for me since we built it.  Although I think I benefited greatly from Ben showing me a line that I hadn't considered to date towards the bottom.

Next week we are checking out a new spot for our weekly rides, Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest in Holderness, NH.  I ride my ice bike there a lot but haven't ridden there much during the season.  Not a huge trail network but I hear there is some techy stuff in there.


  1. recovering just fine.

    I'll be at 100% to show those triathletes what for this Sunday

  2. Yeah thanks again guys for the great tour!Anyone riding EARLY Sat am? Call me at 781-254-8796....this dialup is painful so i won't be back online tonight...

  3. Kevin
    Thanks for the NGear advice! I got one and it does the trick. Really fast service too, I think I got it within 30 hours...then paid him after!