Sunday, May 2, 2010

The SBT (Salmon Brook Trail)

Another highly successful trail building day at Franklin Falls Dam!

We had a great showing this morning and we are glad we did because today's plan was not for the weak of heart.  A lot of manpower was needed to execute what we had in mind and everyone came through beautifully.  Lots of bench cutting, armoring, heaving and ho'ing.  But with our crew of 25+ we were able to completely rough in a new trail in about 4-5 hours.

The SBT starts off Rusty Bucket and makes its way down to Salmon Brook via several switchbacks.  It then loops back and eventually intersects with the Heritage trail down on the north end of FFD by Lost Wall, etc.  We were able to incorporate some interesting features and even some rocks for once (we know, rocks at FFD?! who'd have thought??)

There is still some work to be done, a few moist spots need some additional armoring and we will continue to refine the bench cutting and switchbacks as they ride in and we figure out the optimum lines but for the most part it was a highly successful day, one of the biggest undertakings at FFD to date.  But enough talk, to the pics!

Special thanks to Peter from SNH for bringing the trailer and tools

Ready for war

A switchback is born...

many hands make light work

we weren't kidding about the benching, there really was a lot of it

masters at work

this is where is started getting really serious

be sure to thank these guys while riding across this slope

slowly but surely

progress is made

right around now I started to realize what we had pulled off in a day

then I realized how hungry I was

A few of the crew snuck off early but this is just about everyone, including the pooch and a delicious burger in the foreground (I took a photography class once)

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, we would have never accomplished this without you!  We will probably be trying to schedule a few impromptu work days to continue armoring and addressing some of the other finishing touches for the SBT so keep your eyes peeled here for updates.  Also be on the lookout for our Thursday night group rides which will be starting this week.  First night will be right here at FFD.


  1. I nominate you for our official photographer, well captured.

  2. not bad for a pink camera eh?

  3. What a fun trail day! Kevin, any chance you'll bring your camera to this week's group ride?

    See you guys there.

  4. you guys are fantastic at bench cutting

  5. Hey guys, I rode this thing a few weeks back. I sank fork-first into a muddy spot I didn't see coming, and ODI Rogue Grips are useless when they get wet and you don't have gloves : P

    In short, my butt was kicked. This other dude did it no problem.

  6. Yeah sorry about those wet spots. They were discovered during the building process and it took us a few weeks to round up the materials to get bridges in place to span them.

    Good news is we have two bridges in place now with one more to build. So hopefully you'll be able to keep those Rogues nice and dry.

    See you out there!