Friday, May 28, 2010

The Pinnacle Delivers!

We had Adam, Andy, Chris, Hugh and Jesse show up for the 5/27 ride.

The first 30 minutes was a fun, winding climb to the top of the Pinnacle full of bridges, roots and rocks via Lower Loop, Trapper, Roots, Tower Circle, Summer St., and Whip N Spur . We took a few seconds to check out the view, then were driven off by the mosquitoes.

Next there was a quick, ripping descent down an unnamed connector to Pine Link. Next, we picked our way along at constant elevation over the rock armoring and outcroppings to the base of Salem's Lot.

The next 30 minutes were spent climbing Coit via the Avery trail (unmapped trail up the SE side of Coit). The climb features off-camber rock outcropping, some rolling benchcut and plenty of Hey-OH. The only way I can do this climb is in the middle ring with legs & lungs burning. It is just to technical for sit-n-spin in the granny. Adam's 32-22 SS gearing is justified by this climb.

More mosquitoes at the top of Coit kept us from stopping for very long, so we continued to Coit Summit (Coit North) Trail for the descent. We would spend the better part of the next hour descending.

About half way down the Coit North trail we took a left onto Coit Bypass (also unmapped). That brought us back around to the midpoint of the Avery trail, where we could enjoy the fun off-camber rock in again in the down hill direction.

We got back onto Salem's Lot, where I completely blew it on the berms. I think I ride them worse every time. Maybe I need a pump track at my house. I'm pretty sure my wife was getting bored with the standard lawn and garden stuff anyway.

We rode out Salem's lot across some more killer rock armoring, then crossed summer street onto another unmapped connector to get to Grenville's Eastside. Eastside may be my favorite trail in the state. It is about a mile of flowy but rocky, rolling bench cut, sweeping berms, quick chicanes, and general MTB goodness. The Hey-OH factor was well off the charts... until Hugh pinch flatted. While Hugh fixed his tire the rest of the group continued to the "Play Ground" where we goofed off for a few minutes before riding the second half of Eastside.

We needed a quick break from all the rippin' downhill, so we did a quick climb up Barton Woods to finish descending by Big Rock, Ledge, Foliage, Ridge, Lower Loop, Trapper, South Boundary, and Forest.

After the ride we destroyed some pizza and beer. Driving home, I was really struggling to stay awake at the wheel while the ride-pizza-beer coma was setting in, but I made it.

Climbing, flowy descents, slow picky technical sections, rock roll-offs... The Pinnacle Delivers!

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  1. BTW, Chris is the current attendance leader for the Thursday Night series with perfect record so far. The attendance contest (if there is one) is his to lose at this point.