Friday, May 7, 2010

Group Rides have begun!

For those that missed it our group ride season got off to a great start last night at Franklin Falls.  Great temps and a perfect breeze that kept all the bugs at bay.  Many of us got our first stab at the Salmon Brook Trail as well.  Still needs a bit of work but in my opinion it is a success and a nice addition to the trails at FFD.

Just a note: Please be mindful of the wet spots on Salmon Brook until we have a chance to armor them, we don't want to do too much damage.

All in all a great ride, a few of us are still working out the winter kinks though.  Matt got bit by the Pine Snake and I pulled a flying Dutchman on Moose Gulley.  We even had a broken derailleur hanger but luckily a spare was at hand and between a few multitools we were able to get it installed.  Should be a great season.  Next week we are off to Concord! check the Upcoming Events for details and directions soon.

1 comment:

  1. Great ride!

    I'm really looking forward to a tour of the Concord trails next week.