Friday, May 14, 2010

Concord Hospital Trails

Hey Matt don't worry you didn't miss much last night.  We got lost a bunch and the bugs were really bad.  We basically had no fun at all.  You probably shouldn't even really read any more of this post it was so bad.

No really stop reading now and browse elsewhere, this post could be hazardous to your recovery.

Ok now that Matt is gone, the ride was awesome! I am finally starting to get a mental picture of the layout of this system and I am starting to recognize trail intersections when I hit them and I guessed correct directions a few times so I think I am well on my way to having this place figured out. And I am pretty pumped about that because I am really starting to like the sustained technical riding here.

To date I hadn't really been able to link up a loop that flowed well. But with the collective help of Scott, Hugh, Adam, Jesse and Chris we got a great 6.6 miles with all kinds of great techy bits without the standard get lost for 10 minutes and bushwhack a bit that I'm used to there

Another great ride, stay tuned for updates about next weeks ride location!


  1. I felt lost the entire time and loved every second!

  2. I'm glad I didn't read past the first paragraph... YOU GUYS SUCK!

  3. Think of 4-6 wks as a starting offer. You can bargain it down to 3wks, one of which is already over.

  4. yeah I forgot to bring my Garmin with me to work today. I'll upload the data and post tonight.

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